City of Saskatoon

The City of Saskatoon is located in Western Canada with a population of roughly 275,000 people.  Check-It was hired by the City of Saskatoon to help lower usage on their largest buildings within the 500+ properties they manage.   Check-It installed energy monitors at a very detailed level to understand the usage between lighting, HVAC, pumps, motors etc.  This included all swimming pools, ice arenas, large office buildings, schools, etc.  Check-It is also monitoring the water, natural gas, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in various buildings throughout the city.

  • Check-It was able to easily identify buildings that were not adequately lowering usage during non-operational hours.
  • Check-It was essential to monitor consumption patterns as well as measurement and verification after each improvement was implemented. This was key to understand the return on investment for each step as well as what other buildings could expect with similar improvements. Reports are generated to ensure the reduction in usage is maintained.
  • All City of Saskatoon buildings are integrated real time with Energy Star to understand trending and all Green House Gas Emissions. Score is updated every month.
  • Another benefit of the installation included identifying faulty power factor correction equipment. It was quickly identified several motors were operating at a very low level of efficiency and after inspection it was determined the power factor correction hardware was failing.
  • Check-It was able to identify 2 power meters from the local utility that required calibration as they were reporting higher usage than was being consumed. This was also quickly resolved and records are compared against Check-It each month to verify accuracy.